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Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

Description of Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve:

ZECO stainless steel butterfly valve is a kind of butterfly valve with high performance and long service life. It is mainly composed of driving device and stainless steel parts. The valve body, butterfly disc and inner parts are made of stainless steel. Although stainless steel butterfly valve is produced with high quality materials, if the installation is not proper, no matter how good the material is, it will cause problems or have worse effect than the product of ordinary material with good maintenance. So valve installation is the key factor to affect valves’ life-extension. Mal installation will reduce the valve performance. So following instructions shall be confirmed before installation.(a)Carefully unpacking the cases, read the material, specification, tags and so on to make sure the valve is qualified to install; (b) Do pay attention to the warnings on a valve tag, and following instructions; (c)Check the flow direction mark, if the valve is marked with flow direction, valve must be installed as per this direction; (d)Check to find if the valve tunnel is clean, safe and without any corrosive substances. Get rid of packing and stuffing which blocks movement of a valve; (e)Check if piping to connect valve are clean. If not, clean before installation.

Features of ss butterfly valve:

  1. ZECO stainless steel butterfly valve combines the three offsets of the seating surface with the flexibility of graphite lamination to achieve a tight and uniform seal with a low required torque;
  2. The double anti blow out design of ZECO stainless steel butterfly valve satisfies API 609 and ASME B31.1 requirements through both internal and external stem retention;
  3. The laminated seal rings of ZECO stainless steel butterfly valve are designed to self align and allow valves to meet zero leakage per API 598;
  4. The shaft of ZECO stainless steel butterfly valve is fully guided by shaft beearing and gland follower to reduce side load due to line pressure thrust.

As a professional valve factory,  ZECO Valve Group focus on manufacturing international standard valve. Contact us to know more!


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