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Plastic Beverage Bottles

Are you looking for plastic beverage bottles bulk? Alpha serves the packaging desires of various markets, and one of the most challenging is the food and beverage segment. Customers in this industry should weigh meals safety, product shelf life, patron comfort and distribution costs when they think about any packaging change. They must also meet aggressive price points and tight launch dates, which is why Alpha has developed a library of PET preforms best for the food and beverage segment. Using these present preforms, Alpha can create new applications at a fraction of the cost and in notably much less time than it would take to create new preforms and blow molds.


The meals and beverage segments we are in a position to serve most successfully include condiments, dressings and sauces; honey and sweeteners; dried and powdered foods and beverages; functional beverages; and the craft beer industry. For every of these segments, we provide an big determination of stock products, plus the capability to quickly and cost-effectively enhance a custom answer from an existing preform.


Taizhou alpha mould technology Co,. LTD is one of the most professional plastic bottle manufacturers in China. We sincerely invite and welcome people from all around the world to invest and create more values together.


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