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Main Functions and Characteristics of Flap Turnstile

Flap turnstile‘s main functions and features


1) It has the function of fault self-checking and logic judgment, which is convenient for user maintenance and function debugging.


2) There are dozens of flexible dialing devices.


3) Mechanical and infrared dual anti-clip function, when the arm is blocked in the process of resetting, it automatically stops or rebounds, and sends out alarm signals at the same time.


4) Multi-mode alarm functions, including illegal intrusion, anti-intrusion, follow-up, traffic overtime alarm, etc.


5) Anti-scour function, when no open signal is received, the arm is locked automatically.


6) Reverse intrusion closing alarm function. When someone first intrudes from the reverse after swiping the card in the forward direction, the blocking wing closes quickly and gives an alarm at the same time.


7) Flexible traffic indication function, high brightness indicator light, and its humanized prompting function make the channel more distinctive; 8) Regular open and closed mode can be adjusted, easily controlled by dialing or external manual button.


8) Automatic detection and reset function. After opening the switch, the system will automatically cancel the permission of this passage if the object is not detected in the specified time (adjustable).


9) The power is automatically turned on regularly to meet the requirements of fire protection.


10) It can be connected with a variety of control devices to receive relay switching signals.


11) There are various modes of traffic, such as one-way or two-way access control, or one-way controlled, reverse free access.


  • Strong ability to adapt to the environment, can work normally in various harsh environments, strong self-protection ability, can adapt to weak short circuit, strong light, fog, rain and snow, typhoon weather and environmental changes.


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