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Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Packaging is used for almost everything in our daily life.Custom cosmetic paper packaging boxes refer to the outer packaging of some cosmetic and skincare products, such as foundation box, lipstick box, shampoo box, hair colorant box, cream box, body care box, deodorant box and other boxes. Cosmetics and skincare products play an important part for the ladies of all age, also for men. They all want a stable and sealed box with product descriptions and brand logos on the surface, and the box fits the product’s philosophy to highlight the product’s characteristics. A beautiful cosmetic box can motivate customers to buy the product.

Lihua has elegant cosmetic gift boxes wholesale, including the following types of cosmetic package box:

Cosmetic Paper Packaging Box

Body Lotion Creams Packaging Box

Eye Creams Packaging Box

Liquid Foundation Packaging Box

Make-up Goods Packaging Box

Serum Packaging Box


Provide you with customized cosmetic gift packaging:

We are one of the most professional paper cosmetic box suppliers with many years of experience in cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale. As Chinese leading paper packaging company, we can design the box style and use our professional knowledge and experience to produce beautiful and stable custom cosmetic packaging boxes. The cosmetic paper boxes are made of cardboard, art paper and duplex board etc. And the surface finishing using hot stamping, lamination, printing, UV to ensure the beauty. Of course, we also fully accept your creative design, just communicate all the stipulations and requirements to our team, they will create cosmetic box according to your wishes and meet your demands. Eco friendly cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale is also available.


Good after-sales service:

Lihua Group provides one-stop service from design, manufacturing and transportation. In order to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our products, we will send samples for your confirmation, and communicate with you at any time. If you are interested in our cosmetic boxes wholesale or have any questions about this series of cosmetic packaging box, please feel free to contact us (Tel: +86-023-68661366 E-mail: info@cq-liford.com).

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