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The CLD Series SMD Display is designed for high standard commercial led display (16:9), featured with HDR, wireless connection, front or rear access, data/power backup optional, etc. With the ultra-small pixel pitch and superior contrast ratio, CLD generates impressive and delicate large format images, provides a “commercial colossus” display solution.


CLD Series (SMD LED) products application:


High-end Retail


AOTO CLD commercial display SMD led video wall provides an ideal integrated LED display solution to high-end retail industry, which can create a simple and high-end atmosphere for shopping malls and top brand shops; Furthermore, the brilliant color performance will help to catch more and more audience eyes, and bring the best advertising benefit for clients.


The value to high-end retail:


Movable integrated advertising display solution.


Superior advertising display effect.


Enable to easily renew advertising contents by the use of built-in Wi-Fi, USB and controller.


Conference Room


With stable performance, delicate picture and zero noise,AOTO CLD commercial display SMD wall is for government and enterprise conference rooms. Together with AOTO Meeting System, CLD SMD LED display module brings multimedia demonstration and knowledge sharing to a new level.


The value to conference room:


Guarantee to view clearly in the long distance under the bright environment.


Seamless big screen in any size.


Front serviceable.


Zero noise.


108 ”/ 136”.


Industrial Design


AOTO CLD screen enables to provide exquisite and vivid ultra HD picture effect to design industry and virtual simulation application, including industrial design, CAD, flight simulation, scientific research and healthcare, etc. All the inspirations and ideas of designers can be perfectly realized by using CLD with 10bit color depth and HDR technology.


The value to industrial design:


Standard resolution splicing, precisely displaying design drawing.


24-bit color processing depth, precisely presenting designers’ inspiration and creation.


Ultra large screen display, demonstrating a shocking picture effect.




AOTO CLD commercial display SMD LED module enables to splice as standard or nonstandard resolution screen, and meets various of needs. Unique connection and appearance design make LED screen stable and eye-catching.


The value to auditorium:


Enable to satisfy the need of large screen display.


Enable to satisfy the need of seamless display effect.


Ultra large screen display, demonstrating a shocking picture effect.


Adjustable brightness.


Moiré effect reduction.


HDR available.


Flight Information


AOTO CLD commercial display provides customized-size large seamless screen. Whether precise demonstration for flight information, or visual impact to commercial advertising, CLD commercial display is overqualified as the most powerful “weapon” applied in the airport operation and media advertising.


The value to flight information:


Support the entire big screen instead of joint-screen display.


Bring more stunning visual impact to customers.


Realize real-time information release.


Guarantee to display up-to-date flight information by the use of steady materials


in case of damage or sliding down.


Control Room


AOTO CLD commercial display is the best choice for the control rooms. This series products support to compose huge seamless standard or nonstandard resolution video wall, meeting the requirements of customers and displaying all the information. The lifespan can be up to 100,000 hours and the front serviceable design can save operational and maintenance cost.


The value to control room:


Standard resolution and non-standard resolution splicing.


Brightness adjustable.


Infinite large screen splicing.


Rear & front serviceable.


Auto show


AOTO CLD commercial display is applicable to a great variety of trade shows, like auto shows, facilities shows, high-tech shows. Superior display effects widely attract the attention of audiences; secure installation and convenient dismantling ensures the smooth set-up of exhibitions; concise and spectacular appearance design adds unique taste to exhibitions.


The value to auto show:


Infinite splicing.


Safe and fast set-up.


Standard resolution and non-standard resolution splicing.


24-bit processing depth guarantees supreme display effects.


TV Studio


AOTO CLD commercial display provides 24-bit color processing depth, refresh rate that lives up to broadcasting grade and superior-quality display system for TV studios. Meanwhile, AOTO CLD reaches high EMC level, ensuring stable display effects, with genuine front-serviceable structural design which reduces the maintenance space required and maintenance cost.


The value to TV studio:


Moiré effect reduction.


Refresh rate up to broadcasting grade.


Standard resolution and non-standard resolution splicing.


24-bit processing depth ensuring supreme display effects.


Front-serviceable, low maintenance cost.


Are you looking for led display shenzhen? AOTO will be your best choice!


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