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Application and Monitoring Method of Digital Relative Humidity Meter

Digital relative humidity meter has been widely used in industry, agriculture, meteorology, medical treatment and daily life. Especially with the development of science and technology, people pay more and more attention to the detection and control of humidity and carry out a lot of research work. Usually, the characteristics of ideal humidity sensor are: suitable for wide temperature and humidity range, high measurement accuracy; long service life, good stability; fast response, small hysteresis difference, good reproducibility; high sensitivity, good linearity, small temperature coefficient; simple manufacturing process, easy batch production, simple conversion circuit, low cost, corrosion resistance, low temperature and high temperature resistance, etc. It is a professional hand-held digital thermohygrometer.


Digital relative humidity meter has two monitoring modes. The first is real-time detection. Connecting the recorder to the computer, the real-time temperature and humidity data of the monitoring points can be viewed on the computer by running the monitoring software. The second one is to set the recording interval time, alarm the upper and lower limits, start the monitoring time on the computer, then hang the recorder in the corresponding location of the cold storage to be monitored, connect the recorder to the computer regularly, and export the data to view through the monitoring software.


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