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I disagree with what you are saying

I disagree with what you are saying and here’s why.Making content for Buy Kamas Dofus Retro everybody would imply that the worst Dofus participant with the worst team should have the ability to do it. Never was Dofus a match with articles accessible to everybody, there has always been end-game content available to just the few who were able to become great enough to maneuver the content. This is how the Dofus game has been for over 10 years, and (imo) the Dofus game ought to remain. If you would like to have the ability to beat the harder dungeons you are going to have to practise and get better if you can’t beat them . I understand you would like to beat it with your team, but then again, F3 was already possible with any staff.

Nidas, Queen, Merkator, Vortex, Shadow, Meno, Dantinea were potential with sub-optimized teams, but I concur for Catseye/Koutoulou, those were sort of particulars. I don’t know what team you have, but seeing your avatar is an Iop, you can likely do them. Most of the people are simply too lazy to invest time in studying a dungeons mechanics and monster states, and so complain it is too hard. A lot of people solo had those dungeons before the upgrade with different classes. Whoever claims a dungeon that could be solo’d needs a nerf because their 4 individual team can’t handle it should probably rethink whatever they’re doing.Dofus is a strategic game and strategy necessitates thinking. A whole lot of folks don’t visit to grasp this.

I never (tried) to imply the worst Dofus participant with the worst group should be able to do it. I stated that a Dofus participant who works to acquire skilled at the dungeon should be able to perform it.With regards to groups, I am talking about dungeons that need a particular class or a couple of particular classes. Someone may be a great Dofus participant, but you must be punished for not having those classes.I like a more role-based way like WoW and WoW-clones use. Can everyone do every dungeon/raid in WoW no matter how bad they are? The answer is no In case you haven’t played with it. Some articles requires a good deal of effort and skill set up and is very, very difficult. However, the key is that you are able to use some of the Dofus match’s classes . Each course has a role (heal, DPS, tank) and most of dungeons have a slot machine that every class can match into.

That is what I want from Dofus. And that is different from saying I want everything to Dofus Kamas echo become easy.Now, yes, it is possible I was only bad when it came to dungeons like Meno, etc.. But I couldn’t even locate a YouTube video of almost any 4 person team beating on of with an eliotrope or a int sram Meno out. Literally. Tell me that or duo’d Meno without one.

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