EDM Notch

An electric pulse is a pulse generated by electrons, and a pulse is a process of changing a voltage in a short time. Electropulsing is an unsteady current field generated by a capacitor or an intermittent source. The alternating current we use can be regarded as a pulse current, and one of the cycle processes can be regarded as an electrical pulse. Modern electric pulse technology has developed to the trend of higher frequency and high energy peaks. It has a wide range of applications in materials testing, biology, medicine, nuclear energy, military and other fields. The main working principles are high energy Joule heating effect, hot pressing effect, high-frequency magnetic induction effect, electroforming and so on. Common waveforms are a rectangular, sinusoidal, rectangular, sinusoidal, group, and so on.


The EDM notch is mainly used for the production of standard sample tubes in the non-destructive testing industry, and is an indispensable auxiliary device for nondestructive testing. It can be used to make internal and external longitudinal defects on the sample tube, internal and external lateral defects, and can also make oblique defects at a certain angle according to different requirements of users, and can also make thickness measurement standard sample tubes or layered standard sample tubes. The shape has a U-shaped groove, a rectangular or square groove, a flat bottom hole, and the like. The machining precision is high, the speed is fast, the operation is simple, the degree of automation is high, and the machining depth can be set in one time, and the error is within the allowable tolerance range. The device is light and easy to carry, and can be used in different field environments.


The main features of the EDM Notch services:

Small size, light weight and easy to carry

High power, fast scratching, less than 10% error

The distance between the internal injury position and the tube end is not limited, and the position of the wound is accurate

Single-chip control, simple operation, intelligent and efficient, practical

It is only necessary to clean the circulating oil normally, and it is basically maintenance-free

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