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Arab Health in Dubai UAE

Are you looking for hearing aid dubai? Arab Health is the second largest healthcare exhibition and congress in the world and the largest in the Middle East. It offers important opportunities to build relationships within the healthcare industry, to showcase progress and achievement in the sector, and to explore new opportunities with stakeholders in the healthcare field.


Huizhou Jinghao Electronics Co., Ltd, is a professional company which majors in producing the best hearing aid in dubai, nebulizer, air mattress, etc healthcare product since 2009. Our product has passed a series of the quality certificate (CE/ISO/FDA, etc) as to cooperate with the overseas market. Now we have several branch office in China, also, successfully open a new office in India at the beginning of 2015.


We are professional lidl hearing aids manufacturer in China. Jinghao also held a beautiful and unique show in Arab Health. Show the latest product to the customer, make a detail talk with professional explaining, Congratulation that we have got perfectly success.



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