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Hublot Big Bang Unico titanium ceramic 42mm retracts things a little

Trumpet As far as I’m concerned, Hublot takes two almost intersecting dimensions.Hublot King Power King Gold replica, First, there are expensive watches equipped with Sellita for Premier League football players and football wives. These have been refined to meet the fairly direct expectations of the target audience. Then there is the Hublot world we are studying today. This Hublot attaches great importance to watchmaking and all its aspects. Watch the Hublot Big Bang Unico Titanium 42mm Chronograph, a smaller scale display of Hublot’s high-performance internal chronograph movement Unico.

In addition to ultra-high-end MP movements, Unico (and MECA-10) is the way Hublot told the world that they can not only make modern, tailor-made high-performance movements, but also love. As a result, they are already ahead of many other less controversial but more historically important brands that rarely do sports-like Hublot watches. But Hublot doesn’t stop there, working harder on the creative development of cutting-edge materials than any other watchmaker in the industry. Competition in this sector is zero, which is Hublot’s honor and the shame of the rest. Scratch-resistant 18k magic gold, bright ceramic (and many other materials) are made in-house, just the tip of the iceberg.

For traditional watch enthusiasts, the struggle of Hublot, if we can call it that, is that many of us go to great lengths to practice the right we have given God to go crazy with football players ’watches, and even worse, use anger as Ignoring other reasons that really help advance the watchmaking industry we all love. Hublot has improved materials, craftsmanship and watch movements to more advanced levels in more than one way.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore replica

However, aesthetically speaking, the design more in line with the increasingly restrictive era lacks more compact size and lighter … all products. Until recently, every Hublot watch that could tick the right watch case-novel materials, cool internal movement, relatively more wearable aesthetics-was still too big, only 45 mm wide, or simply too expensive. Hublot Big Bang Unico 42mm titanium ceramic is still very expensive, but not only is the price close to what it should be when compared to the feature set of a competitor’s watch, but this smaller Unico also seems to be relatively cautious with all of these newly discovered standards Statements, including more reasonable case sizes. Therefore, I decided to present this small 3mm dial of Unico to those watch enthusiasts who like and appreciate Hublot’s watch size, but have not yet found a small enough, wearable watch to enter Hublot as an entry product.

The Hublot Big Bang Unico Titanium Ceramic Case 42mm is a perfect illustration. If Hublot wants to kick out some watch and jewelry, it is not necessary to visit neighbors. Hublot’s Unico movement first appeared in 2010 during the peak of self-travel in the watch industry. It was a real tour. Here are some great features you may not yet know about Unico-coincidentally, there are some great features I don’t remember having any other modern chronograph movements in the same package.

It has a modular escapement. To simplify maintenance, the escapement module including the balance wheel, escapement wheel and escapement assembly can be removed from the Hublot Unico as a whole without disassembling more movements. This makes repairs faster and easier.Bell & Ross BR 03-92 AEROGT replica

Its chronograph features a completely redesigned swing double clutch. I asked Hublot about this because there is absolutely zero information online, so I’m grateful to some of the heads inside the Nyon manufacturer, who explained, “This is a revolutionary new clutch system that allows us The chronograph is more reliable and reliable. It reduces energy consumption. The single clutch cannot check its operation, which is why we choose to keep the dual clutch. Compared with the single clutch, it has two advantages. Its reliability and Eliminating the risk of slipping can distort timing.

On the other hand, the classic double clutch has two disadvantages, namely the chronograph hands overlap and take off. The Hengbao Swing Double Clutch has almost eliminated its shortcomings. Therefore, now the visibility of the clutch function is greatly improved; the reliability is improved; there is no risk of slipping; no needle overlap; The start-stop putter is very smooth and easy to operate, providing tactile proof of the delicate mechanics inside.

Hublot has made great improvements to the original HUB1242 Unico movement (suitable for 45mm wide movements), converted it to a 42mm version, and renamed it HUB1280. They retained a width of 30mm but reduced its thickness by 1.3mm to keep the case diameter to thickness ratio the same. I asked myself, how many other manufacturers can I name? How about you.https://www.chronowrist.ru

Although small, the design of the Unico movement is (relatively) easy. Perpetual calendars with perpetual calendar functions already exist, and Unico is sturdy enough to carry larger and heavier phones with Sang Bleu and Sang Bleu chronograph models. Maybe the modular escapement can replace the tourbillon version in the future, who knows?

This is a flyback chronograph. After pressing the reset button, the running chronograph will stop, reset to zero, and then release the reset button to restart. All at the push of a button.

Hublot strategically incorporates automated and semi-automated processes into Unico’s manufacturing design, including a fully mechanized lubrication system that ensures proper lubrication of every necessary part of the Unico movement.

The list of Unico’s features is endless, reaching the depth of Richard Mille’s daunting description and superb technical performance. For example, “The thinner HUB1280 abandoned the original Pellaton automatic winding system and replaced it with a two-way reversing switch with ball bearings.” Show me a person who says he knows what it is, and I will give you a liar . Throughout the redesign process, the number of components has increased from 330 to 354, including five additional jewels, and their number has increased from 38 to 43. We are still not done.

Focusing on Rolex watches, he posted an ultra-high magnification image of a special wheel in the Rolex 4130 movement, which powers the Rolex Daytona chronograph. After seeing this weird wheel, I sought the help of Rolex-certified watchmakers in several different countries, but none could explain to me exactly what that weird wheel was about. Nevertheless, it is left to our own equipment. It is worth discovering this strange little wheel that neither Rolex nor Hublot has talked about, but both manufacturers have given a very important role to this high-tech wheel. It is important that Rolex turned to this wheel relatively late, as the 4130 (produced since 2000) did not have this feature, it was just a small wheel of ordinary appearance.replica luxury watches

I turned to Hublot HQ again. Unlike Rolex, Hublot HQ not only knew but was willing to share it. Based on its position in the Rolex 4130 and Hublot 1280, it’s clear to any hardcore nerd that the gear has been assigned to the wheel train of the timing mechanism. Both movements have a basic timing device that works the same way as other mechanical watches: energy is transferred from the barrel to the escapement through a so-called walking mechanism (a series of gears and pinions), so basically Hold up time. The chronograph mechanism relies on this basic movement to feed timing information to one side of the dial, and the chronograph mechanism (at least in these more modern automatic movements) has been downgraded. So, this weird-looking wheel is part of the wheel that transmits driving power to the timer module. The function will be explained further below-but before reading, please note that this strange wheel keeps spinning, even when the chronograph is stopped.

Why design very small, very complex and flexible teeth? These teeth bring a different world each time the chronograph is started. In the Hublot Unico HUB1280 movement, the chronograph is activated when the button at 2 o’clock is pressed. This leads to the advancement of the column wheel and lateral movement of the cam and lever. This weird wheel, which Hublot calls a “spring gear,” moves laterally and is pressed against the wheel (thus stationary and seemingly ordinary) located below the intestine of the movement. Central and central chronograph seconds hand. After establishing a connection between the flexible teeth and the normal wheel, the stopwatch second hand begins to move.

The flexible teeth come into play because, as I said, the wheel keeps spinning. In contrast, when the chronograph is stopped, the aforementioned wheel mounted on the chronograph second hand is of course stationary. Visible and unsightly jitter may now occur when you press a rotating wheel against a fixed wheel where both wheels have a common tooth profile, if the two pointed ends of the two wheels touch each other and face each other To get even more fortunate and perfect grid. These soft teeth eliminate this jitter and make the movement of the chronograph seconds hand smoother.

Is it really different? Well, it is exactly the same as any subtle development in the high-end watchmaking industry: it can verify the state of manufacture of the brand, the verification factor and price of the watch. This is where the importance ends. Rolex and Hublot accepted the fact that the manufacturing technology required to produce such a wheel-and faced the challenge of implementing the wheel in their existing chronograph movement-at least on this issue, making them compatible with Different. I’m not sure how to produce such a fine, complicated and compact grinding wheel, but I thought of UV-LiGA manufacturing technology.

Anyway, I think the fact that a person can have such a degree of change on Hublot not only illustrates the sales of Hublot, but also the performance (or lack of performance) of other major luxury watch brands in the market segment with prices below $ 20,000 ) ,as well as.Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT 2OVGS.B26A


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