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These guys WANT to have legacy WOW servers

World of Warcraft’s next expansion Legion is out next month and Blizzard has slated a pre-patch to arrive on July 19th. The developer noted that combined with changes to classes, players will have access to the new transmogrification system along with wow classic gold to lineup for actions as a single class whilst playing another.Blizzard has also noted that more content will be unlocked at recent weeks before Legion starts including the Burning Legion Invasions, Demon Hunter Early accessibility (which will arrive no later than August 17th) and The Battle of the Broken Shore. All this content will be available to all World of Warcraft players, except for the Demon Hunter, regardless of whether they’ve purchased the upcoming growth or not.

When Nostalrius, the heritage servers for Vanilla World of Warcraft which has been actively managed and handled by a team of lovers, had shut down in April it triggered a wave of service that Blizzard hadn’t seen before. Having met with senior executives Blizzard, the Nostalrius team disclosed that the business is open to heritage servers. „These guys WANT to have legacy WOW servers, that’s for certain.

It’s not easy as it seems though. Lots of additional info — such as models, information, maps — is still required and they might want to be recreated. „Not all this information was under a version control system. In the end, all those parts were missing at any given point, they might need to be recreated: that is very likely to take a great deal of resources through a long development process.“ This isn’t such as the gloss that Blizzard wants to bring to the end merchandise.

Regardless, the meeting was a powerful step forward. „To sum up: the fantastic surprise of the meeting was that the level of engagement of all these Blizzard individuals toward making legacy servers a fact. The downside is that the technical difficulty it will take to achieve our objective. Blizzard is now well conscious of the number of players eager to play legacy servers, something which to buy wow gold classic wasn’t the case till Nostalrius shutdown.“ So while it maybe not may occur tomorrow, heritage server fans can take heart that a number of efforts are being made.

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