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Dear Aussies, make your end of lease cleaning easy with these top on-demand cleaning apps!

The first time we heard the word ‘on-demand’ when they launched Uber back in 2011. At that time, we didn’t think that the word ‘on-demand’ will revolutionize almost all businesses and the way people purchase products and services.  

The on-demand business model of Uber is so refined that many entrepreneurs have been applying the same business model on every kind of business, regardless of the industry type. House and office cleaning is one of those businesses, which have found their own ways to derive benefits by adopting the on-demand business model. 

Talking specifically about the house and office cleaning industry of Australia, many companies have been offering commercial cleaning services in all major cities of Australia. But recently, thanks to affordable mobile app development solutions and the latest technologies, they have acquired robust and feature-packed mobile as well as web applications. 

Since these apps offer easy-to-use interface and transparency, people prefer to book a cleaning service using an app. And as a result, business owners get sight of the ever-increasing revenue graph. These apps enable users to book cleaner at the preferred time. Users can also know the quote before booking a cleaner. And Users can pay for the service through the app itself. 

So, if you are living in Australia and looking for cleaners for end-of-lease cleaning or regular cleaning, here is the list of top cleaning apps available in Australia which provide you convenience and genius service at the same time. But before we reveal the list, let’s wrap our mind around the few facts of the Australian cleaning market. 


Australian Cleaning business market statistics  


  • The commercial cleaning market of Australia is worth more than a whopping $12 billion.
  • For the next 5 years, the total revenue generated by Australian cleaning companies is estimated to increase at a rate of 4.1%. 
  • Industry reports from key observers say that cleaning businesses lose half of their users due to poor service. 
  • In Australia, there are currently 30,463 cleaning companies. But not all the companies have migrated to online from offline yet. 
  • Amid rising global warming effects, almost all companies are using environment-friendly products to do their jobs. 
  • By the end of 2019, Australian cleaning companies are anticipated to generate $325 million in revenue. 
  • The main reason behind exceptional growth in the Australian cleaning industry is rising dual-income middle-class families. 70% of full-time workers who belong to dual-income middle-class families and work 40 hours per week, prefer to outsource cleaning services. 
  • Cleaning companies that are more involved in residential cleaning services are more likely to make a good profit as end-of-lease cleaning is very popular and costly in all major cities of Australia.  

So, now when you know jaw-dropping facts about the Australian cleaning industry, let’s discuss the major players of this highly profitable industry. 


Top 5 mobile and web applications available in Australia to book cleaning service on-demand

Before we move ahead and list out top cleaning apps, it is worth mentioning that all online cleaning companies either work on Uber-style business model or on a conventional business model. In Uber-style business model, they allow anyone to be cleaner as an independent contractor and when someone books the cleaning service, a nearby cleaner gets notified for the job. While in a conventional business model, companies allow users to book cleaning service online, but they allocate their hired cleaners for that job. According to the capital fund and long-term business goals, cleaning companies choose any one of these two business models.  






Helping is the Germany-based startup, founded by Benedikt Franke and Philip Huffmann in 2014. After launching cleaning services in Berlin, their ambition travelled further and so, they launched Helping in Austria, France, Sweden and Netherlands. Currently, 150 cities including many Australian cities are under their business boundaries. In Australia, the major cities where Helping is earning good are Sydney and Melbourne. 

Using Helping mobile app, users can book home as well as office cleaning service from as minimum as $35 per hour. Helping also allows users to select weekly and biweekly cleaning service. Regardless of the service a user selects, he can always enter his preferred cleaning time and date. Once a user books the spot, he can pay the fee and system allocates the nearby cleaner for the job. If a user selects weekly or biweekly service, he can ask Helping to send the same cleaner every time. 

Considering the facts that Helping is one of the very old app-based cleaning companies, provides reliable customer support and owns an army of professional and trusted cleaners, it is the best company to hire for cleaning. 

Download Helping app for Android here

Download Helping app for iOS here




Tidyme is another very popular cleaning service providing company. It was founded in 2014 and currently offers its services in most suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne. Tidyme claims that their feature-packed platform which connects people with professional cleaners provides a seamless booking process and secure payment option. 

Though Tidyme is offering the same services as Helping, there are some major differences between Tidyme and Helping. Helping charges customers based on hours a cleaner required to complete the job. Whereas, Tidyme charges customers based on the number of bathrooms and rooms a customer wishes to be cleaned. Moreover, Tidyme uses all eco-friendly products to clean up houses and offices. For eco-friendly products, they have tied up with eco-friendly cleaning products manufacturer, Method

Tidyme is the highest rated (on Google) cleaning company in Australia. However, they do not offer a mobile app. To book the spot, you still need to fetch their website. (App is in the early stage.)




Whizz was founded in 2014 and since then, Whizz has covered not only Melbourne and Sydney but many other cities such as Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane and Hobart. 

Whizz offers end-of-lease cleaning service as well as regular home cleaning service. In its regular as well as end-of-lease cleaning service, cleaners of the Whizz clean living area, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. These cleaners who are equipped with all cleaning products and tools are matched by Whizz when someone places the cleaning order. 

Whizz also lets customers add extra services while booking the spot. These extra services include oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, balcony cleaning, pantry cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and after-party cleaning. 

Whizz has been featured in many newspapers and it has been nominated for the 2015 coolest company. Moreover, its iPhone app won the best design award in 2015. 

To download the Whizz app for Android, click here

To download the Whizz app for iOS. Click here


UrbanYou was founded by Noga and Elke in 2014. Both female founders of the UrbanYou were working in Yahoo and one fine day, they decided to leave Yahoo and start own startup. 

Currently, UrbanYou is enabling users to book cleaning as well as gardening services in all major Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Perth. 

One year after inception, in 2015, UrbanYou hit $1Million in sales and was completing 1000 jobs per month. In 2016, UrbanYou acquired HomeHello and in the year 2017, UrbanYou was selected as one of the 10 high growth female-led companies. In 2018, Noga and Elke expanded UrbanYou and launched its on-demand cleaning as well as gardening services in other cities of Australia. 

UrbanYou app is only available on Google PlayStore. Download it from here.  




SnapACleaner is the app of a businessman who has been in the cleaning industry for several years. But after running the cleaning business offline, when he got tired of a lot of paperwork and poor customer support and experience, he decided to opt for on-demand mobile app solution. As of the now, SnapACleaner app is in a beta version and unpublished. But SnapACleaner team claims that their app would be the most disruptive cleaning app of the Australian cleaning industry. So, hold tight and wait a few months more. The estimated service areas of the SnapACleaner app are suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. This app is developed by a top cleaning app development company

In the nutshell 

If you are among those 70% Aussies who work full time and so, do not get time to clean your homes, these on-demand cleaning apps can come to rescue. These apps have an easy-to-use interface. Once the booking gets confirmed, cleaners come to your house with all the equipment and cleaning products on your desired time and day. You can also pay the booking fee and service fee from the app itself. However, these companies charge you a bit higher than the local cleaning companies.  But compared to local cleaning companies, these listed companies offer ultimate customer support as well as cleaning service. So, now it is your call to spend 20 bucks more or less to get rewarded with the best or worst cleaning experience. 


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