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Ankama Dofus matches‘ Dofus series is famous for 2 iterations

Traditionally speaking, Ankama Dofus matches‘ Dofus series is famous for 2 iterations: the Flash-based MMORPG that was launched in 2004 along with the Wakfu collection of Dofus matches which has seen iterations on Xbox 360 and a coming version for plugins with Dofus Kamas. Dofus: Battles [$2.99 / HD] takes the preexisting universe and art style from the browser Dofus matches and drops it on iOS as a curious little tower, uh, dragon defense Dofus game using a pair of RPG elements.Despite the pedigree, you don’t actually need to be familiar with Dofus to appreciate Dofus: Battles. Since this isn’t one nor do you need to like MMORPGs. It helps a bit to understand the character classes and items, but the uninitiated can pick this up fast and without problem.

Right out of the gate, after touching the horrendously made icon, you’ll be rewarded with a visual style. Dofus takes the same three-quarters perspective, grid-based battle as its MMO lineage and despite a curious absence of retina support, character animations, menus and also the interface are well crafted, simple to use and nice to look at.Dofus itself operates like Plants vs. Zombies, however the added RPG coating and the manner of unit variety means there’s a different kind of approach at play here. Instead of having a system where each unit counters the enemy evenly, you have a collection of twelve different personalities, half of which are support, another offensive and you may pick any of them any time you desire.

It’s a little complex, especially once you toss in an entire economy system where you can purchase and upgrade armor, weapons and other trinkets. None of those units are similar either — so choosing a unit type to use and when is essential to setting up your strategy.At the start of each turn, you’ll place your components onto a grid. The grid walks down toward your side of the screen, where there is a dragon currently hanging outside — if they get there, it is Dofus game over.

Once you put your team on the grid, then you’ll push play and the first wave of enemies will return for some automated real-time combat. There are defense, wave protection and two distinct modes to Buy Kamas Dofus Retro. Since your heroes kill off enemy units, you’ll be rewarded with spirit fragments — accumulate five and you may add another hero into the field.There are 28 distinct degrees in Dofus and before every game you can decide which of three issues you’d enjoy tackle it on. Each issue will yield different amounts of monsters, experience points, soul points and rewards. It might appear to be a cop-out, but the fact you can drop it down to a simpler level in order to progress is incredibly helpful considering Dofus does seem to keep one aspect from RPGs people are going to love to hate: grinding.

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