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Like a lot of people want more Swampletics

I recall I saw a man killing something with a rune scimitar and that I had an adamant scimitar, therefore I presumed that seems trendy and asked if he wanted to trade his rune scimitar for mine plus a fiery battleaxe with RS gold. He accepted and I believed 40 power is sufficient to use it and it obviously wasn’t, so I literally went to barbarian village and murdered barbarians for a WHOLE week to get my assault to 40. Good times.Its pretty amazing how far an eventual content creator has arrived. Wonder how many people have been motivated to perform Runescapemode just due to your videos lately. Way to earn the manner a lot less dead with just how a lot more people we have playing we find new methods to perform bosses/skills.

Yo dude, enjoy your content, especially the Morytania just UIM series. Seems like other people in the remarks love that too. Simply wanna say, I believe that you could probably include more from that journey in the articles you publish and therefore have the ability to publish more content. You can take us over a single entire loop of the route to actually give us the impression of what it is like. I know that may seem boring for you and you’re the creator so it’s finally your say, but it actually seems like a lot of people want more Swampletics. As a super simple generalization, if you include 1/100th of your playtime on your videos instead of 1/500th that could be a way to make that happen! Another example may be temple hiking. I have never done that before, and seeing an whole temple trekking route could be fascinating!

I normally would not comment, but your movies are seriously amazing. The editing, your character, your own (somehow) endless pleasure for Runescape makes me feel like I am right here with you every video despite not performing some of the hard work. I haven’t subscribed to some YouTube station in probably over 5 years until I found yours, but your articles and enthusiasm changed that.It makes me anxious just thinking about that mill. There are healthier and better ways to spend your time.

Whether this bloke played 10 hours every day for 3 years in order to accrue 7000 hours of match play. That means he would have played runescape for about 233 days each year with cheap OSRS gold. I really don’t know this fellas background and I’d hate to generalise but this leaves very little room for a job, a family, or some other thing that needs substantial chunks of time in today’s society.I think this guy does is play runescape, you could not have a job, a girlfriend or a standard friend group, and perform this considerably RS. It’s cool he did this but guy playing that RuneScape must be gloomy after a while.although if your earning a living wage through videos and steaming a game and you are in a phase of your life where you dont care for dating or spending some time with family anythings possible.

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