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why I am going to buy a real cheap sex doll?

I have a real sex dolls, and for me, it has a lot of positive effects. I have been with a woman who has used me for 7 years, and I have failed marriage with another woman who only sees my own interests through me. I don’t want to have a relationship again because I have been hurt and morale in this emotional and professional life. I left my former business manager position and took advantage of training in the medical field, which gave me a lot of human feeling. But sexually speaking, it is already dead. This is why I am going to buy a doll.

What are the characteristics of silicone dolls? Contrary to what many people think, love dolls have many advantages: first, her impeccable physique: silicone dolls have beautiful faces, mouths and beautiful lips, very soft skin and pleasant touch, beautiful breasts , gender and shape or curve.

silicone adult love dolls

In terms of touch, the skin is soft, but soft enough compared to the body’s flesh. Helena’s hand was trimmed, but her fingers had strange angles. „Yes, I broke them all! I am not very cautious,“ Sebastian admitted, and he seemed to have forgotten the high price of his doll, but the luxurious silicone model has more than doubled.

Clients are usually single men, bereavement men, divorced people, people who don’t want to establish a true emotional relationship, employees who are forced to leave their family to work, or married men who are looking for extramarital relationships. They bought their dream dolls for 1,500 euros. This is an absolute doll, and all its accessories are unimaginable. The owner, Jacobs, said: „This is where my customers are waiting.“ Then he opened the black curtains and we entered a large room. The lights are dim, the carpet is bright red and thick.

Therefore, I think these love dolls can provide great help to people in fragile situations, as described in the article (anxiety, dismemberment, etc.), but even if the problems are intellectually interesting, they may not be related to the facts. I am not saying that it is not of interest, but the sexual life of a 21st century human (or at least Westerners) will largely cease to exist between robots and humans rather than between humans and humans.

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