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Everybody around you was as confused

As you mentioned however the whole game was figured out, this means that casuals who normally would have the issues you stated in this very long comment wont have quite as hard of a time since you presume because of people generally caring less and also becoming more useful as a result of knowledge that they have gained over these years and are able to articulate proper answers to questions suggested by casuals far better compared to when WoW Classic really released classic wow gold. That doesn’t solve the PvP problem (it’s unsolvable really). Raid drop fulfill pug raids filled with hardcore alts/softcore gamers and cue loot play with and will keep pugs out of carry groups.

Finally solved leveling is not the least bit fun and completely destroys the experience, and the more go efficent the less you will find at any time to perform group quests (take retail, 7.3.5 made several group quests really require groups for most classes, yet simply because bothering with them is indeed inefficent so few waste time on looking for people for it. Andi n the case of Classic that the ratio of time wasted while performing group quests is actually worse compared to this efficent method).Let’s discount the knowledgable people helping out casuals claim, because expecting people who learned all that to create their gameplay more efficent squander time on assisting others goes against the concept. And of course that again, the help offered will only make their experience worse.

They will assist them even if indirectly. The absolute quantity of material you can simply purchase with gold is another thing for casuals too. Hardcore tryhard nerds who rush the material to the finish and do constant high end raids will spend huge wealth on raid consumables with little downtime to get them and or make these matts themselves. This means with minimal time or effort spent casuals can make quick money off the AH and then turn around and purchase premade pvp groups full armor places and also get to raid content because the remaining folks in that group need their money. It’s possible to ask asmongold himself relating to this he’s said multiple times even though his mother has been much more casual of a player she frequently had better equipment simply due to the fact she perfered to spend her time gold farming and researching which lead to her being able to only buy the armor out she ever needed. Hell I knew people in my back in the day who would farm and end up with higher tier armor than the rest of the raid tier team up before AQ40 and then they bought out premade pvp material. A premade will allow you to sit base while they stomp a pug for honour they would alrdy be getting with the extra bonus of a couple hundred gold per several runs.

Again, you can do so, but is that entertaining, is that why classic has been fun back in the afternoon? Classic was fun because you ran around like a headless chicken, everybody around you was as confused as you to buy wow classic gold, and if you awakened enter MC for the first time it felt like no dungeon you tried. When all is set out infront of you and your literal pleasure comes from farming pops of gold to cover off hardcore gamers and buy equipment they don’t need(because each BoE raids want they will purchase before you get the opportunity ). That isn’t fun, that is a version of retail where chinese gold farmers will create their oh so return. When the only fun in WoW Classic you have left is what you have to buy then. No point if you truly believe that bollocks, arguing.

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