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The Buccaneer Explorer allows players to engage

Nexon has launched a update for cellular MMORPG MapleStory M that kicks off with the introduction of the Buccaneer, 2 new explorer courses and Marksman. The upgrade also includes the new Expedition Boss with Maplestory M Mesos, Corrupted Empress Cygnus, plus updates to Link Secondary and Skills Weapons.

The Buccaneer Explorer allows players to engage in thrilling battle with overpowering attacks that are charged.

This update also brings link skills and secondary weapons to MapleStory M. Link skills grant players the capability to teach characters on precisely the same server a special ability. With weapons, players can equip two weapons such as attack combinations that are diverse and ferocious.

New Explorers Celebration On-Time Event: Until May 30, players who login to the game will receive a special rewards that include Pet Package, Character Slot Coupon, uto-Battle Charge Tickets, Epic Mysterious Weapon/Armor Whetstones.

Over the weekend on May 11 in Los Angeles, Nexon hosted the second annual MapleStory Fest. Throughout the event, more than 500 fans came together to have a look at future upgrades for both MapleStory and MapleStory two as well as meet the programmers of the game and hear their stories.

The sold-out show entertained attending fans with a live concert in addition to different activities including a cosplay competition. More importantly, this event gave developers of MapleStory the chance to celebrate the game’s 14th anniversary by discussing their favorite memories about working on the match. The programmers also teased the June 12th upgrade which adds Pathfinder with Maplestory M Mesos for sale, the personality that was new to be released following the Black Mage update.

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