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The reason why the ultrafine mill is blocked

The role of the ultrafine mill is to grind the fine powder. We have previously introduced it in detail. Regarding its performance and common problems in production, we have analyzed more and more, in order to ensure the normal grinding machine. Work, we need to carry out standardized operations, as well as periodic maintenance, etc., in order to ensure smooth production, but at work, many problems are inevitable, here we analyze the problem of blocking.

The so-called blockage refers to the phenomenon of blockage of the grinding body. This phenomenon causes many reasons, there are operational reasons, and there are also weather reasons. Let’s analyze it separately:

The point is the operational reason, which mainly refers to the operation is not standardized, mainly the following:

(1) The problem of feeding, at the time of production, the processing capacity of the ultrafine grinding machine for the material is certain. If the quantity of the feeding exceeds this range, there will be a phenomenon that the production is too late to cause blockage;

(2) The problem of the fan, the fan is mainly in the production process of the mill to provide a part of the wind to separate the material after grinding. If the fan is reversed during production and the air volume cannot be provided, the grinding process is always carried out. However, the material is not taken away by the wind, so that it will accumulate all the time, which will cause blockage. In addition, when the ultrafine mill is working, the damper of the fan is opened relatively small, so that the wind inside the grinding chamber is small. It is also impossible to take away enough material, which is also a cause of blockage and blockage;

(3) Parts wear, when the ultrafine mill is produced, the wear of the parts is inevitable. If the important parts of the blade or the grinding ring wear are worn, the material cannot be ground, then the particles are not It will become smaller, and the fan can’t take it away, which will cause blockage. Therefore, when using the machine, regular maintenance is required. When the wear is serious, it needs to be replaced.

The second point is the weather. This mainly refers to the impact of climate change on production. For example, the rainy climate is relatively humid, which not only causes the water content of the material to increase, but also makes the internal parts of the ultrafine mill. Rusting, so that no matter what kind of situation, it will cause the impact of production, causing the phenomenon of blockage;

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