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The importance and necessity of superfine technique of dolomite mill

The cement, paint, ceramic, metallurgical, chemical, medicine, food and magnetic materials are related to super fine powder processing equipment, and dolomite mill is key equipment for grinding materials being broken. Super fine technology of dolomite mill can be widely used for processing of various mineral and raw materials.

Annually, developed countries invest sufficient funds in powder processing application and research to support the study of Super-fine dolomite mill, especially in recent years, it has become the main direction of scientific research and development research institutions and professional firms. In the practical application of engineering, industrial waste process is usually the preprocessing, which adopts the ultrafine grinding method to activate the surface of the material so that it produces small size effect, surface and interface effect and quantum size effect, so as to become a new functional material. They have fully illustrate the importance and necessity of Superfine mill technology of dolomite mill.

Previously, China doesnt have economical superfine powder processing equipment, so wealth of non-metallic minerals and ores have to be exported at a very low price or exported after rough machining. China is country rich in kaolin, however, because of our lack of advanced processing equipment and mature production technology, we have to spend large amounts of money to buy from abroad each year. Now, China enjoys the developed technology, which is very beneficial for our development.

With the development of science and technology, non-metallic mineral resources are increasingly entering into all walks of life, and it will also mark the technological level of a country. China uses medium tube type dolomite mill in multiple mill production line, thereby making the fineness of finished product with new ISO standard indicators.

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