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BRM V12-44 Union Jack V12-44-CDUK Replica Watch

BRM – BOMBERS Chronograph New

At the height of the piston engine and the machine gun, they have defended the extreme youth of the pilots of the country in their hands.BRM Brumos Racing, Their fashion and memory carrying belts are mobile crowds, with flying performances around the world to discover these real artworks carefully preserved. Some enthusiasts are sure to keep the story of these magnificent “warbirds” who recover, rebuild and stay in flight.

In respect of and respect for these inspired warriors, BRM has developed a series of watches by directly inspiring the “Warrior” Spitfire, Mitsubishi Zero, P-51 Mustang North America, among other things, important reference time. These watches are machined in a fuselage with insert rivets, spiral needles, dials in different countries containing badges, horn-shaped exhaust pipes, directly inspired by the harness, proving how BRM is gear…https://www.saleperfecttime.com

Specifications – Housing 45mm brushed stainless steel – Push rod and crown brushed stainless steel cabochon accent with a multi-layer paint – Return plate painted multi-layer – horn and brushed stainless steel buckle – Smooth stitched leather strap color needle – Water resistance :100 m – Automatic chronograph movement – PVP.discounted cheap men watches


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