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The main factors influencing the selection of powder grinding flow

At present, there are many types of rock grinding powder machine in both China and foreign countries, and every flow has its own advantages and disadvantages. Regarding a given ore, the customers should choose a flow whose advantages are more than disadvantages and should strive to simplify the production flow in the industrial production. After many times of theoretical researches and actual production inspection, our company comes into conclusion the following main factors influencing the selection of powder grinding flow.

(1) The property of the ore to be processed

The property of the ore mainly refers to the physical property of the ore, brittleness, lumpiness, content of mud, mineral composition, embedded features of the minerals. The common ore dressing plants should choose suitable crushing and grinding flow according to the property of the ore to get the best grinding effect.

(2) The performance of the equipment

Every machine has its own fixed property. Crushing the ore to the granularity suitable for the grinding mill can never be completed by only one crusher. The crushing equipment works in a specific granularity range and the performance of a crusher determines the limit value of the product granularity. For this reason, the selected grinding flow should adapt to the product granularity that can be realized by the grinding equipment.

(3) Energy and steel consumption

Energy and steel consumption plays an important role in the evaluation of the grinding flow. In an ore dressing plant, both normal flow and autogenous grinding flow consumes the most energy, so that reducing the energy and steel consumption can improve the economic benefits of the ore dressing plants.

(4) The investment of the flow scheme and production costs

Besides the above-mentioned factors, when determining the grinding flow, the total investment and the production costs of every scheme should also be taken into account, and that with low investment and production costs should be selected. Generally speaking, the semi-autogenous grinding flow is superior to common crushing and grinding flow because the investment of semi-autogenous grinding flow is about 30% lower than that of the common crushing and grinding flow.

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