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Feature and Standard Accessories of PP-50 universal tool grinder

Feature OF PP-50 universal tool grinder
1. PP-50 universal tool grinder can be according to the need of a grinding tool to match different attachments, and grinding: drill, tap, end milling cutter, R milling cutter, R type tool, chamfering cutter, side milling cutter, round rods, round cutter, reamer, rolling shaping cutter and other cutting tools;
2. The motor can rotate 360 °, increase the cutter grinding of handling.
3. Workbench adopts imported high precision linear ball slide rail, the bed platform balance, It is easy to operate.
4. PP-50 universal tool grinder adopts high strength and ductility FC30 cast iron, which can keep machine precision;
Advantage of PP-50 universal tool grinder
1) Grinding drill bits, step drill, tap, end mill face, round bars fast and accurately.
2) Grinding capacity: Dia.3mm-Dia.32mm/76mm
(straight shank:3mm-32mm;Taper shank MT5#:3mm-76mm)
3) Adopts precision 6 jaws self-centering chuck.
4) When 6 jaw chuck is dismantled, the spindle hole MT5# can hold max.76mm taper shank drills.
5) Double cams adopted to save time for changing & repairing the wheels.
6) PP-50 universal tool grinder wholesale: Demina.
Standard Accessories of PP-50 universal tool grinder
1.Wrench 8-10mm 1pc
2.17-19mm 1pc
3.Hexagon Wrench M4x1pc
4.M6x1pc; M8x1pc; M10x1pc
5.Collet holder 1pc
6.Cross screwdriver 1pc
7.Cup type wheel Ø150x50xØ32mm 1pc
8.Bowl type wheel Ø150x50xØ32mm 1pc

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