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Characteristics of the CNC tool grinding machine in using

Characteristics of the CNC tool grinding machine in using
The CNC tool grinding machine is mainly used for carpentry gen knives and other same specifications straight blade grinding. The machine is well-considered grinding in different angles by designers. This unit is made with high quality materials, advanced technology, and sophisticated equipment. There are other characteristics like sliding deft, small resistance, high speed, precision and reliable, stable low vibration, less noise, etc.
Main technical parameters OF CNC tool grinding machine
1. Maximum cutting length: 700MM-1000MM
2. The biggest number: 1-5 pieces
3. Workbench width: 90MM
4. Gen knife thickness: 3-4MM
5. Maximum grinding accuracy: more than 28MM
6. Knife seat rotation Angle: 0-90 degrees
7. Grinding head speed: 2840R/MIN
8. Grinding wheel motor: power: 1.1 KW
speed: 2840R/MIN
frequency: 50HZ
9. Traction motor: power: 120W
10. CNC tool grinding machine price: is cheaper.
speed: 1400R/MIN
Features of CNC tool grinding machine
1.Touch-screen operation, Simple, direct, easy to use. Support to a different language.
2.User-friendly operation and interface, no need to understand the blade-parameters.
3.A universal fixture which is suitable for all kinds of CNC punch press tools, thick turret toolings, trumpet tools, multi-tools, Murratec punch tools, thin turret toolings, Salgvanini punch tools, etc.
4. Adjustable fixture system, that can grind non-flat punch blades (such as monoclinic, the roof type, etc.)
5. Demina supplies different color choice based on a production environment or customer preferences.

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