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Features of BT-150M tool grinder

BT-150M tool grinder Both the main shafts have been specially designed, and the world-wife precision bearing is used to fit the main shafts which are made of alloy steel heat-treated for high wear resistance, precision. As well as maintaining to the lowest temperature for durability and stability.
The motor base and the spindle bushing are adjustable.
This BT-150M tool grinder is capable of grinding the workpiece to a minimum of 3mm in outer diameter and from 2mm up in inner diameter (bore) with the accuracy within 0.003mm and a well-finished surface (supplied) with a special attachment.
The spindle bushing is made of cast iron and supported by three surfaces. Therefore, it is durable and elastic.
·Materials such as steel, iron, copper(brass), aluminum, cast iron, plastic, porcelain, marble, regardless of being heat treated or not. Can be ground on this machine which functions lie a cylindrical grinder so it may lower the cost of the production.
Product Feature of BT-150M tool grinder
1)Spindle lock button for changing grinder quickly.
2)Precise gear, longer lifetime
3) Aluminum housing and plastic body/handle
4)1200W high power motor
5)Side grip with shock absorption for comfortable handling
6)BT-150M tool grinder manufacturer:Demina
Product Specifications of BT-150M tool grinder
Angle Grinder Model A81180
Rated Voltage 220-240V/110-120V
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
No Load Speed 8500R/Min
Max.Wheel Diameter(mm) 180MM
Rated Input Power(W) 1200W
N.W. 3.5KG

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