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Product Application of PCD&PCBN insert grinding machine

PCD&PCBN insert grinding machine is a precision tools‘ grinding machine which incorporates the necessary features required for the economical manufacturing and regrinding of a wide range of PCD, PCBN, Carbide, and HSS cutting tools.
Design Features of PCD&PCBN insert grinding machine
1) Machine body and all casts are more than 18 months natural aging
2) SCHNEEBERGER heavy duty and precision linear slide guide for its accuracy and life
3) Swing mechanism utilizing ball-screw by a servo motor, smoother, more stable and durable. The whole pneumatic system uses Japan SMC brand, to get rapid feed and infeed.
4) Linear grating and angle encoder of this model is FAGOR, make sure the precision indication.
5) CCD Camera with LCD monitor and precision scale for easy set up&inpsection in grinding
6) Optical system for adjustable from 7-45 magnification even 0.05 radius can be ground and inspected.
The PCD&PCBN insert grinding machine is a rotary motion and wheel infeed eccentric linkage by the crankshaft control to achieve journal grinding, which is currently the world’s most advanced high-precision Crankshaft grinding technology, you can wear a fixture cut the crankshaft main journal and connecting rod neck, greatly improve grinding efficiency and geometric tolerances.

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