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Cold rolled, GI steel coil brand suffix

In the common high-quality cold rolled steel coil china, zinc-zinc ferroalloy strip steel, generally said the surface quality grade, usually with FA, FB, FC, FD four symbols to express, but many external standards, automotive factory standards are not necessarily the four symbols to express. In addition, some symbols in these standard brands are the same or similar to common symbols, which may confuse many friends in the circle, resulting in order errors, such as delayed delivery, or loss of money. Today, just pick a few chestnuts and pull them. First, look at the common galvanized steel plate code, the specific requirements are as follows:

FA- common grade surfaces allow defects such as small zinc particles, embossing, scratches, pits, uneven color, black spots, streaks, minor passivation spots, zinc undulations, etc. Can have stretch straighteners and zinc flow lines.

FB- higher surface. The better side allows for minor defects such as smooth embossing, minor scratches, small zinc flowers, zinc undulations, and minor passivation stains. The other side is at least the surface mass FA.

FC- advanced surface. The better side must further limit the defect, that is, the better side should not affect the appearance of the quality of advanced painted surface defects. The other side is at least the surface mass FB.

FD- super – finished surface. The better side shall further limit the defects, i.e. shall not affect the appearance quality after painting, shall have a uniform and good coating, and shall maintain the FB surface on the other side.

1. Are there any other symbols?
What other symbols are there for the surface quality grade of GI steel coil with spangles in stock? There are simply A, B, and C corresponding to FA, FB, and FC, such as Q/WG(LZ)04.4-2012 standard of Wisco.

2. Is C FC?
In this standard, the C level is usually light finishing. Although most steel mills and the standard FC level, usually is the smooth delivery, some standards did not indicate, this brings a problem, is it true that some steel mills or standards are not only complete the delivery?

3. Is B FB?
If B appears in the order, does it mean FB? This is also a pitfall. In NES M2027, the surface quality class B requirement is “the upper surface of the steel plate or the outer surface of the steel strip shall not have defects that may cause scratches and lead to mold damage. Applied to non-rigid surface classes of steel, cold rolled substrates “, this no longer means the same as the common FB grade.

Also, in MTS 8301, B no longer means surface quality grade, but the surface structure is a bright surface.

4.U just doesn’t deal with it?
In addition, in some brand standards of the main engine factory, there is a comparison pit, such as the letter U, which is surface structure but contains surface quality grade. For example, U in the BX362 standard used by this steel represents the FB level surface after the coating thickness.

5. Is Z galvanized?
By the way, the suffix “Z” is usually thought to mean galvanized, but in some standards, it becomes equivalent to FD surface quality.
According to the appeal can be seen, the order only look at the characters do not look at the standard, often understand the wrong, wrong materials.
Therefore, we need to know the suffix well!


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