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Ore milling equipment Application

Ore milling equipment is mainly used for sieving process of materials. Its structure is mainly composed of a screen box, a vibration exciter, suspension (or supporting) device and a motor ore milling plant parts. Motor through a triangle belt driven spindle rotation, vibration exciter, due to vibration exciter unbalanced centrifugal inertia force of heavy objects, so that was vibrating screen box. At the same time, change the exciter eccentric weight, get a different amplitude.

After a long practice that, the main advantages in the use process of the vibrating screen has the following several aspects: the first is due to the strong ore milling plant boxes, reducing the material hole blocking phenomenon, the sieve has a high screening efficiency and productivity.The second is simple in structure, convenient disassembly and replacement of screen surface.

Ore milling equipment of the eccentric wheel cleverly designed to greatly enhance the performance of the equipment. The third point is energy saving and environmental protection. Consume less electricity per ton of material screening. Enclosed fuselage can greatly reduce the pollution of dust produced in the process of screening material on the environment. The traditional vibrating screen vibrator, generally composed of screen box, supporting or hanging device, a ore milling plant coupling, transmission device and so on several parts. Supporting device of vibrating screen hanging type and seat type two. Seat type installation is simple, and the installation height is low, the majority of customers preferred.

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