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golden goose sneakers cold

Actor https://www.goldengoosesneaker.us/ Hugh Jackman and supermodel Elle Macpherson were among hundreds of Australians at Buckingham Palace overnight for a reception hosted by the Queen, but it was a cheeky Corgi print outfit that really took the elderly monarch’s fancy.

The Queen, 85, who has been suffering a golden goose sneakers cold and cancelled her daytime engagements this week, on Thursday night welcomed 350 Australian guests to the palace ahead of her trip Down Under next week.

Dressed in purple and accompanied by Prince Philip, 90, the monarch wore black gloves throughout the indoor event as she greeted and chatted with guests in her usual poised manner.

But when writer Kathy Lette walked through the door wearing a two-piece bejewelled skirt suit made from material patterned with images of crown-wearing corgis, the sparkle in the Queen’s eye was unmissable.

“Do you like it?” asked the ever-excitable Lette upon curtseying to the Queen.

The Queen, arguably the world’s most famous corgi owner, gave a resounding “yes”, before adding: “Oh, I’m so pleased”. Photo: Eye catching outfit … Kathy Lette arrives at Buckingham Palace. (Getty Images: Chris Radburn)

There were no “strewth” exclamations from Gold Logie actor Ray Meagher of Home and Away fame, and even on-screen tough guy Jackman admitted to being a little unsure of himself in the palace.

“(The Queen) was talking to me about the flight, about travelling to Australia and I wanted to ask her if she stopped (on the way there) but I had to think to myself, ‘I don’t know if I’m allowed to ask questions’,” Jackman said. Photo: Boy from Oz … Queen Elizabeth II shakes hands with Hugh Jackman. (Getty: John Stillwell )

In London to film a big-screen adaptation of Les Miserables, Jackman expressed an admiration for the royal family which he said is representative of most Australians.


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