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Size of Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet

Galvanized sheet metal works by coating the surface of the sheet with a layer of zinc metal. Its purpose is to protect the surface of the steel plate, so that the surface can be free from corrosion, has reached the effect of extending the service life. Now the market is more and more widely used galvanized steel, and then there are many people on what size and thickness of galvanized steel are not very understanding, the first to explain that Wave Type Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet price should not be the first consideration.

Because the current steel plate is basically flat shape, its general shape is rectangular. This shape is easy to fabricate and can be made directly from rolled or sheared from wide steel strips. Now the market can be divided into three types of galvanized corrugated steel sheet according to the thickness: if the thickness of the steel plate is less than 4 mm the thinnest can reach 0.2 mm is thin steel plate; Thick steel plate thickness between 4 mm and 60 mm; The thickness of extra thick steel plates is from 60 mm to 115 mm.

With the continuous development and improvement of raw materials, the galvanized sheet has more and more types of raw materials, roughly as follows, ordinary steel, high-quality steel, alloy steel, spring steel, bearing steel, silicon steel, industrial pure iron steel. The ordinary steel is made of ordinary steel. High-quality steel is in the use of ordinary steel materials on the basis of the addition of rare metals, so that the quality and performance of steel plate has been greatly improved. Alloy steels, however, are made from a variety of metals that are combined to form a metal, and their functions and properties are similar to those of products made from synthetic metal materials.

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