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Professional Limestone Rock Crusher Machine

Hammer rock Polycrystalline Silicon Carbide Crusher mainly rely on high-speed rotation of the rotor driven hammer blow for crushing materials , mainly used for crushing compression strength less than 200Mpa and calcium content higher than 40 % of the stone, such as limestone, bluestone , gypsum , etc.

Hammer rock Stone Crushing Equipment professional name for hammer crusher , hammer crusher main PC standard and PCZ heavy two series , the size and thickness of the frame body Ligament is the main difference between these two categories hammer when there is a stand-alone production 50-1200 ton . PC series hammer crusher hammer is relatively small , usually forged pieces , arranged more densely ; bigger hammer PCZ heavy hammer crusher , material , mostly high-chromium alloy composite hammer , compared with the rib rack thick , increasing the force of the machine overall strength, impact resistance, durable.

The main advantage of mining crusher : large crushing ratio , no two broken shaping process , low investment , low energy consumption , too little crush phenomenon , compact hammer hammer shaft can rotate 360 degrees around a long service life ; using non grate structure, particle size is determined by the gap between the back plate and a hammer , crushed material can be directly discharged , reducing unnecessary crushing operations , to avoid crushing the material is clogged grate phenomenon, hammer crusher designed for limestone study design, crushing limestone most professional.

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