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Color Steel Sheet with Bangkok Central Embassy

high quality color corrugated steel sheet

During a recent trip to Thailand, the editor of the ministry of market information found that the central embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, is a classic project combining steel structure. The businesses in its ground floor retail area began to open to the public recently. Designed by London architecture firm AL_A, the project USES the bending and twisting the shape of steel to link the entire theme of the building to the annex, a seven-story luxury retail area, and a 36-story six-star hotel.

The 1.5 million-square-foot hotel and mall complex takes its name from the area that was once the garden of the British embassy.

The central embassy in Bangkok borrows elements from western and Asian mainstream malls while maintaining the style of Thai native culture. The “base” part of the building on the seventh floor is a curtain wall structure with a combination of high quality color corrugated steel sheet and aluminum facade. The pattern on the facade is derived from traditional Thai culture. The resulting dynamic shape sets the building apart from the surrounding urban environment.

The super high rise above the building is integrated with the lower part of the building through the twisted surface. The composite building is built around two vertical light Wells that showcase the interior Spaces and the terraced platforms. The guest rooms face directly to the garden at lai nert park, while the bar and reception area, as well as the observation deck, face towards the city center.

The completion of this building in Bangkok, Thailand, is of positive significance for the continued promotion of steel structure projects in the region and the promotion of the use of steel structure materials (such as h-shaped steel, galvanized sheet, painted sheet, aluminum sheet, etc.). We also hope that the color coating plate can continue to open, over the mountains and the sea, in the ocean five continents bloom the flower of steel.


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