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Color Galvanized Coil Winding Process

China high quality prepainted color galvanized coil

China high quality prepainted color galvanized coil coating process is completed, after the tension provided by the tensioning machine into the export section, the storage unit in the normal operation of the production line is empty, in the export section to stop unloading, the storage unit to continue from the roller coating process to run over the coils and stored up.

After the next volume begins to reel, the exit section speeds up and the looper is emptied. After two steering rollers and a tensioning machine are used to maintain the proper tension in the storage unit and provide the rear tension for the rewinding, the rewinding plate will pass through the rewinding plate, roller and the rewinding plate clamping machine to reach the shear machine, where the joint of the rewinding plate will be cut off and the steering roller will enter the rewinding machine.

The photoelectric edge control device is between the rewinding machine and the clamping machine, the sensor can measure the edge of the rewinding plate, that is, to send a signal to the rewinding machine, make its chute follow, in order to ensure the color steel coils edge coiling.

When the rewinding machine reaches the required diameter, the rewinding machine will stop, the rewinding plate will be cut off, the feeding trolley will rise, hold the rewinding plate, the main shaft of the rewinding machine will expand and shrink, the feeding trolley will carry out the steel coil for bundling and weighing.

The head of the next coil plate is fed into the rewinder, which accelerates until the coil plate in the refiler is exhausted. In this way, the outlet section runs at the same speed as the whole production line.


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