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Diesel Engine/Motor Driven Corn Sheller product description

Cheap Factory Price Diesel Engine/Motor Driven Corn Sheller, the production rate is 10-15 bushels of grain per hour. It handles all sizes and shapes of corn ears and features ball bearings for long life and smooth turning. High strength ductile iron is used, and it has a tough and handsome powder coat finish. The sheller ejects whole bare cobs to the side, so they don’t drop into the shelled grain. The 10″ diameter crank wheel includes a pulley groove to accept a v-belt for powered operation. Powering by any means other than the hand crank is at the owner’s discretion, and full responsibility for safety, including necessary power drive shielding, rests exclusively with the user. Cleats clamp the shelter onto a vertical board, or you can bolt it on directly with provided holes. One popular configuration is to clamp the sheller onto the side of a box without a bottom, which is then set inside a tote box or bin. When you’ve finished the box and sheller can be lifted out, leaving you a tote full of grain. Click the link below for more info.
Diesel Engine/Motor Driven Corn Sheller removes corn kernels at high speed with motor power. Slip your corn ears into the sheller’s front opening; the grain is removed in seconds and exits from the lower-end grain port.
Product Description
The Cheap Factory Price Diesel Engine/Motor Driven Corn Sheller is a combination of corn defoliating, cleaner and sheller, which carries out the three operations in one.
IT DEFOLIATES: The cob can be introduced with the leaf into the machine.
IT CLEANS: The shelled corn is delivered by the machine with very good cleanliness, minimizing the broken husks, slacks and other impurities that could take place when shelling.
IT SHELLS: any cob size, giving to the grain a soft treatment, minimizing the breaking or threshing of the corn.


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