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How should Color Galvanized Coil Thickness Choose

prepainted color galvanized coil

For color prepainted color galvanized coil, in the purchase, often need to use a standard purchase, thickness. And this is also the procurement of color steel coil must pay attention to a problem. Due to the different construction environment, the selection of color steel coil thickness is also different, for this reason, here also according to the construction environment to respectively introduce the color steel coil thickness procurement range, in order to better understand the color steel coil.

To roofing, if we use high quality prepainted color galvanized coil to regard roofing as, the proposal is to choose the color steel coil in 0.8mm of above, compare so good, this number, the width of color steel coil in roofing should be smaller had better, can be helpful for draining water so.

And to metope, the choice of color galvanized coil ply we can use 0.8mm the following, in addition, the width of metope also had better be bigger the better, because to metope, wave crest is lower, look more beautiful also a bit. This is also more practical.

And these are currently the main prepainted color galvanized coil in different applications in the choice of options. Through this choice, also can make the color steel coil in the subsequent use is very convenient.

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