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Peanut Picker Machine effect

In recent years, the users who purchased the peanut shelling machine are more and more as the growing of peanut planting areas. Comparing with shelling by hand, the machinery greatly reduces the farmer’s labor force and save the manpower, to improve the work efficiency greatly. At present, the peanut shelling machine has been promoted all over the country and it is fit for the peanut growing area. Peanut Picker Machine price is also reasonable.
Peanut shelling machine
During the practical production, there are many users who had not to master the right way of using and maintaining of peanut shelling machine, which make the peanut shelling was not fully given play to its role. On the other hand, the wrong way of preserving the machine, which gives rise to the serious wearing of a peanut shelling machine. It is the reason for the low-quality peanut shelling and low efficiency which lead to unnecessary loss for the farmers. So, in order to give play of its role, we would like to introduce a common use peanut shelling machine in the South and share with you the using method and maintaining technology.

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