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Automatic Hay Round Baler working principle and advantages

The Automatic Hay Round Baler Grass Straw Silage Baler and Packing Machine is mainly composed of a framing mechanism, a rotating frame mechanism, a feeding frame mechanism, and an electronic control device. The fully automatic baling machine is special equipment for silage film coatings, which can be used for automatic coating of fresh straw and hay and fresh grass. This kind of silage is currently the most useful and flexible in the world, and it is the best effect of silage method; customers can set the number of layers according to the length of silage: the storage period is less than one year. Layer-specific film, 3-4 layers of special film must be packed within two years of storage; automatic hay round baler straw baler and packaging machine is the largest enemy bale without tightening film before, the package breaks the food, breaks The bag will affect the mold and cause mold to rot, so once the bag is found, immediately use a transparent tape to seal at rest.
Automatic Hay Round Baler works
The silage baler and packaging machine are easy to operate, the film can save about 25%, adjust the number of layers, facilitate the design of the product using European standards, the advantages of the transmission box, the key components of the bearing are imported configuration, the aluminum roller is made of high-quality aluminum alloy casting, quenching, Hard wear, the longest failure time of the host. The coating machine and the small conveyor belt baler are better used together.
After the material enters the screen cylinder, the silage baler and the packaging machine move along the cylinder toward the outlet end by the rotation and electrical conduction angle of the rod. The trajectory is a helix and the material is centrifuged during movement between the squeegee and the screen.
Grass Straw Silage Baler and Packing Machine advantages
1: Intelligent conveyor belt automatic feeding, full alarm, conveyor belt automatically stops feeding, automatic rope, automatic cutting rope
2: Automatic hydraulic switch silo, convenient and fast, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency
3: Straw bales are automatically ejected from the silo, automatic coating, capsule completion, moving film, automatic lamination,
4: The laminating machine works at the same time, the silo is automatically closed, the conveyor belt starts up automatically, and the strapping system works “At the same time, the binding system continues to work”
5: The finished film is automatically ejected from the capsule and loaded at the same time.
6: Vacuum coating, tight packaging, good fresh fermentation effect, increased nutrient content, good palatability
7: Finished straw can be opened, saving warehouse investment.
8: Long storage time, two layers can be stored for one year without deterioration

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