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Installation precautions for galvalume corrugated roofing sheets

No matter what product is produced and applied, the reason why it can be further developed is that it has certain excellent characteristics, and it can also explain that the use of the product can play some role, which is what we expected. The effect is the same for the application of low cost Galvalume Corrugated Roofing Sheet, but in order to make it work smoothly, there are also many problems to be aware of during its use, such as galvalume corrugated roofing sheets.

1. We should meet the shelving length of the lintel in our construction and ensure that the adhesive at the support surface is even and full.

2. The control joint should be set according to the design requirements. The flexible material such as foaming agent embedded in the joint can adapt to the deformation requirements of the wallboard.

3, regardless of drilling or slotting are damaged by a single aluminum-zinc roofing panel, therefore. After the galvalume corrugated roofing sheet is assembled and reached the overall strength, it can be drilled and slotted. In order to better bond, the bonding surface of the partition wall board should be cleaned, and the binder should have good water retention performance, so the board should not be watered before bonding.


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