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Design principle of Corn Threshing/Maize Sheller Machine

The use of corn threshing/corn shelling machine will bring great production convenience to users and increase the productivity of users. Therefore, in agricultural production, the equipment is also commonly used. Today, Aike will come to you to introduce the design principle of corn threshing/corn shelling machine.
High-Performance Mini Corn Threshing/Maize Sheller Machine design principle
The corn is impacted in the rotor and drum rotating at high speed, the grain is scattered by the mesh hole, the corn cob is discharged from the tail of the machine, and the corn silk and the skin are discharged from the tuyere. The feeding port is arranged on the upper part of the upper cover of the machine, and the corn cob enters the threshing chamber through the feeding port, and the rotor which is subjected to the high-speed rotation in the threshing chamber collides with the corn kernels to fall off, and is scattered through the mesh hole, and a baffle is arranged in the lower part of the feeding inlet to prevent falling off. The corn kernels splash hurt people.
Three times of degranulation of corn has better threshing results for wet corn-shaped corn. When working, the starter motor drives the threshing roller, and the fan rotates to put the corn into the hopper. The corn cob actively slides down into the threshing chamber and collides with the swinging screen under the action of the threshing rib on the right threshing roller. The collision of the threshing screen below the right threshing drum, the corn cob is pushed forward to cause the corn kernels to fall off. The corn cob is driven to the left side of the right threshing roller, enters the working area of the left threshing roller under the action of the stopper of the retaining bridge, and is subjected to three threshings, and the threshed corn cob is thrown out of the discharge port by three times. The star dispersion of corn kernels and corn cobs has been realized, which solves the problem of single-roller corn thresher on the market, which is not clean and has low obedience, and is widely used for corn threshing.

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