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Replica Zenith ACADEMY 18.2211.8805/36.C713 watch

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Item Type: Zenith Academy Watches Replica
Case Material: Pink Gold
Brand Name: Zenith Watches
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Movement: Manual Winding
Case Diameter: 45.00mm
Case thickness: 14.80mm
Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle
GLASS: Sapphire
Boxes: common box package
Gender: male
Band Material Type: Louisiana Alligator
Model Number: 18.2211.8805/36.C713
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Power Reserve

audemars piguet skeleton replica The craftsmanship of the watch is exquisite and complex, and is the same as the mobile phone manufacturing industry. If you want to dig deeper, you can do a lot of homework from the choice of watch materials to the design and development of the movement.But first of all, some basic things have to be paid attention to. The first point is the appropriate case size. (In fact, the size of the watch mainly has three contents: 1. case width; 2. strap width; 3. table thickness.) If you bought the watch for the first time or did not buy after the last electronic watch was retired If you have a watch, it is necessary to go to the local watch line to try on it and find the right case size.The case length of the contemporary classic men’s watch is in the range of 38mm-45mm. Everyday use is the most appropriate, especially for many men’s clothing, which tends to be self-cultivating, so the watch should not be too big. The 50mm case size is also acceptable. The movement of the high-value mechanical watch is hand-built, and the movement can drive the movement of the hands without the use of batteries. The mechanical watch is powered by the spring, and does not require a battery.

The winding method of the mechanical watch has manual winding and automatic winding. Manual winding is the need to manually rotate the crown winding. The automatic launch is that the movement has a swinging arm. When the arm moves, the swinging gim will be rotated by the influence of gravity, thus winding the spring, eliminating the trouble of manual winding. However, it is automatic to ensure that there is enough activity every day to ensure sufficient power. Manual and automatic do not exist, who is good and who is bad, two ways only.Mechanical watches have extremely complicated lever devices, which are assembled after countless hours. Accordingly, the wear of the parts is the biggest loss, but if the maintenance is good, it is almost a lifetime, which is why the mechanical watch has very Great collection value. patek philippe calatrava replica

However, mechanical watches are afraid of magnetic fear of water and fear of heat, and need to wash oil regularly.How to identify from the body whether the watch is made in Switzerland?Look at its logo Swiss, Swiss made the body (dial and watch back), strap (chain), the watch box with Swiss, Swiss made such a priority should be given priority, because the Swiss watch has a standard, is the machine The core is made in Switzerland; the assembly is done in Switzerland; the final test is done in Switzerland, this is the Swiss watch. If the movement is made in Switzerland, and the whole watch is not assembled and tested in Switzerland, it is not allowed to use the Swiss, Swiss made logo on the outer casing of the watch. It can only be used on the movement. The outer casing of the watch can only be used. (Swiss movement) Typeface.The word movement must be completely spelled and cannot be abbreviated. It must be the same font, size and color as the previous Swiss word, and it should be clear. If you are buying a quartz watch, look at the Swiss Quarts logo on the watch, and the Swiss parts must be on the movement.The second is to look at the watch chain. Only when the watch and the strap are made in Switzerland, can you name the Swiss made on the strap; in turn, look at the watch box, which is marked as Swiss or swiss case, indicating that The main processes of the table are completed in Switzerland; assembly and inspection are done in Switzerland; at least 50% of the production value is done in Switzerland. If the Swiss watch box is not a Swiss watch, the watch’s movement or the entire table of origin must be attached to the outer casing of the watch.

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