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Introduction of BT-150D CNC tool grinder

Tool grinder Taper milling cutters are generally carried out in indexing fixtures. Longer, special-shaped tools need to be machined in two. The grinding table cannot be moved in the longitudinal direction, and the two vertical longitudinal angles can be improved after the tooling, which facilitates the processing of the taper tool and the workpiece. Moreover, there are many manufacturers of tool grinding machines on the market. The BT-150D CNC tool grinder price is also diversified, so it is necessary to understand some characteristics and principles of equipment.
BT-150D CNC tool grinder process points
1. Since the tool grinder design table cannot be rotated in the longitudinal direction, a curved plate fixing plate is installed on the moving table surface of the machine tool to fix the turntable angle bending the plate to realize the workpiece turning angle processing.
2. Turn the angled curved plate working face to mill the T-shaped groove, and install the front and rear seats. The 90° façade is boring and locked to the façade of the fixed plate by the positioning shaft nut.
3. Since the tooling is installed on the fixed plate, the tool can be longitudinally moved and the taper tool can be machined in two. The entire tool can also be adjusted by the two T-slot bolts of the fixed plate.
4. Turning angle bending the plate and bending plate fixing plate is processed by cast iron plate, and other fasteners are processed by 40Cr quenching and tempering treatment. The front and rear seats are processed to be lightweight and easy to adjust up and down.
BT-150D CNC tool grinder principle features:
The angled bending plate 4 is machined with a T-shaped groove, and the front and rear seats 2 are fixed by the T-shaped slot bolts 3 and the positioning keys 11. The curved plate fixing plate 6 is fixed to the machine table by two T-shaped slot bolts 7. The side surface is provided with a bending plate positioning shaft 5, and the turning angle bending plate 4 is inserted into the bending plate positioning shaft 5 to be rotationally adjusted and locked by a fastening nut 9. The piece 10 is a workpiece support plate fixed to the curved angled plate façade for supporting the tool tooth surface processing.


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