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Installation of corrugated steel sheets

There are many methods for hoisting China Wave Type Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet, such as car hoisting, tower hoisting, hoisting and manual lifting. A simple method of manual lifting can be adopted for a single-story light steel plant with a small height. For buildings with large office buildings, the hoist can be used for lifting. Since there is no need for large machinery, the equipment can be flexibly moved to the place where it needs to be installed, so it is convenient and cheap.

Corrugated steel plate installation

1. Actually, measure the actual length of the corrugated steel plate, check the length of the corresponding plate number according to the measured length, and cut the plate as needed.

2. Place the low cost Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheet raised to the working surface according to the starting line of the row board, and align the width of the sheet covering the marking line with the starting line. And the designed structural length is discharged at both ends of the plate length direction.

3. After tightening the ends with fasteners, install the second board in the order from left (right) to right (left) and back from top to bottom.

4. Installed at the marking point of the payout line, review the deviation of the corrugated steel plate installation, and fully tighten the plate when the design requirements are met. If the requirements are not met, the adjustment shall be made within the next marking section. When the timing is adjusted within the marking section, the marking section may be adjusted and then fully tightened. Expand the installation in full order.

5. When installing the sandwich panel, the gap between the panels should be squeezed. When the position is accurate, there is still a gap, and the sealant is used for filling.

6. When tightening the self-tapping screws, the degree of tightening should be mastered.

7. For longitudinal overlap of low cost galvanized corrugated steel sheets, seal strips and sealant shall be laid as designed, and self-tapping screws or rivets with seals shall be connected at the joints, and the fasteners shall be pulled at the seals.


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