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Harvester adhesive composition and workflow

Tractor-mounted harvester binders are now more common in agricultural production and are an important means of harvesting crops during the harvest season. Moreover, there are many types of harvester adhesives on the market, and the Tractor Mounted Reaper Binder Price in China is not very expensive, which can meet the needs of users. Let us introduce the characteristics of the adhesive and the workflow.
The tractor-mounted harvester binder is suspended behind a 10-12 hp walking tractor and powered by a walking tractor. It mainly harvests underground root-stem crops such as potatoes, garlic and sweet potatoes that are planted and intercropped with the machine. It has the characteristics of high harvesting efficiency, good performance, low skin breaking rate, simple structure, and convenient operation and maintenance. Tractor Mounted Reaper Binder structure of the machine is composed of large frame, main shaft combination, front and rear drive shaft combination, clutch, separate chain, digging shovel and vibrating screen.
Reaper Binder is hung behind the walking tractor. The sprocket and chain installed on the right end of the input shaft of the hand-held tractor transmission are transmitted to the drive shaft of the machine. The eccentric block and the connecting rod on the main drive shaft drive the excavating shovel to reciprocate back and forth. The left end gear of the transmission shaft drives the shifting gear on the axle shaft, and changes the transmission direction, and then drives the main drive shaft of the chain to be separated by the chain, and the eccentric block at both ends of the main drive shaft drives the vibrating screen to shake up and down. Under the traction of the walking tractor, the potatoes excavated by the digging shovel are placed on the separate chain, and under the rotation of the separated chain, the soil falls under the separate chain, the potato and the unfallen clods are separated. The top falls on the vibrating screen and is again cleaned and separated and placed on the ground behind the machine.



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