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Introduction of rice and wheat thresher inspection methods

Rice and wheat thresher is a kind of machine for threshing rice and wheat. The appearance of thresher equipment greatly reduces the manpower and material resources of the coherent industry, not only improves production efficiency but also reduces manpower and brings great benefits to users. Great convenience. However, after the equipment has been used for a period of time, the equipment should be inspected. The Model 125 Large Rice and Wheat Thresher Manufacturers will come to tell you about the equipment to be inspected.
Inspection items for type 125 rice and wheat thresher:
1, the choice of speed
The speed of the thresher should not be too fast. It should be used according to the speed specified in the instruction manual. The same as usual, what is 28-32 m / s, India is 24-26 m / s, and japonica is 26-30 m / s. If the rotation speed is too high, not only will it not take off quickly, but there will be adverse conditions such as tight grain breakage, shortened machine life, and unsafe factors. Install a matching motor or diesel engine according to the requirements or on the aircraft’s logo, and equip the appropriate pulley, do not install the opposite direction. The fan-rotating pulley cannot be reversed, otherwise, it will affect the cleanliness of the grain.
2, precise operation
Rice and wheat thresher should be continuously and uniformly fed during threshing. If the feed amount is too large, the drum load will be too large, the rotation speed will decrease, the decreasing rate and productivity will drop, the stalk entrained grains will increase, and the threshing quality will drop. Causing parking jams and machine damage. The feed is too small, the productivity is low, and the rate of removal is occasionally affected. The indicators of getting out of the net, taking off quickly, breaking less, and lowering energy consumption are mutually restrictive. If you want to get rid of it, the rate of breakage will rise, productivity will fall, and energy consumption will increase.
The above points are the items to be inspected when inspecting the type 125 rice and wheat thresher equipment, hoping to help everyone better use the equipment.

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