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Peanut harvester must be tested before use

Peanut harvester is an agricultural machine product, mainly used for peanut harvesting. It is mainly used to put peanuts into the mouth of the peanut picking machine so that the peanuts can enter the machine and the equipment for separating the capsules is usually used. Before, it will be tested with a part of peanuts before it will be officially worked. Then the peanut harvester has to be tested before use. What are the benefits of the test?
Benefits of Driven by Tractor high-efficiency Peanut harvester for Farm
We know that for mechanical equipment, the test will be carried out before the formal work, and mechanical production can be smoothly carried out when the machine has no problem. The peanut harvester can be used for the test work, which can conveniently check the separation of peanuts and fruits, such as: check whether the separation of the cockroach and fruit is clean; whether the broken peanuts are serious or not.
It can be said that the commissioning work of the high-efficiency Peanut harvester is very important, which allows the staff to work according to the separation of the cockroach, the fruit and the broken peanuts so that the work can be smoother.


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