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Corn harvester operation methods and techniques

The corn harvester is an agricultural machine product that can harvest, thresh, and store at one time. The whole process is complete and streamlined, which is very suitable for harvesting various crops in the field. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, we need to operate according to the standard. Let me introduce you to the following.
Tractor Mounted Combine Two Rows Corn Harvester China made methods and techniques
1. Pre-harvest specimen: Check whether the various components of the corn harvester are in good condition.
2. Drive the machine into the field, then pull the straw bar to the working position, put down the grain receiving table, pull the grain removal gate to the “open” position, attach the grain bag to the grain bag, and the Two Rows Corn Harvester. The machine opens the vertical position of the field.
3. Debugging machine: the dust adjustment handle is pulled to the “standard” position, and the auxiliary shifting handle is selected according to the condition of the crop, and the position of the “high speed” or “low speed” is selected, and the grass handle is placed on the “cut grass” or “grass”. „position.
4. Lower the header and lower the front end of the divider to 5-10 cm from the surface of the field.
5. Pull the disengagement clutch and the cutting clutch handle to the combined position.
6. Push the main shifting handle forward slowly to allow the machine to start harvesting.
7. When the crop begins to enter the threshing port, operate the threshing depth manually to adjust the switch so that the ear is in the position of the deviation depth indication mark.
8. After the crops have been harvested, the cutter handle will be pulled to the separated position.
9. After the grain outlet is no longer ready for grain, pull the handle of the thresher clutch to the separation position.
10. Check whether the switches of the tractor installation and the two rows of corn harvesters are closed.
11. Reduce the throttle and the engine is turned off.


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