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Small corn harvester purchase knowledge points

Corn harvester is a new type of agricultural machinery specially developed for the characteristics of corn as a crop, when the corn is mature or close to maturity, and the machinery is used instead of manual to complete the harvesting of corn stalks. With the implementation of some preferential policies in rural areas in recent years, corn harvesters have gradually spread in the vast rural areas. It has reduced the labor of farmers‘ friends, and at the same time improved the efficiency of work, allowing farmers and friends to take heavy physical labor. Liberated, because of so many advantages, so many farmers friends have the idea of buying a small corn harvester, in order to prevent blind investment from farmers, waste their own hard-earned money, today’s New mode farm harvesting machine small corn harvester for sale manufacturer to explain to you some of the key points to be concerned when purchasing a farm harvester.
1. Consider regional applicability
At present, most of the corn harvesters produced in China are harvested according to the line. However, the spacing of corn planting in China is not uniform, so that the adaptability of existing corn harvesters is limited. Therefore, the non-aligned corn harvester has become the user’s preferred model. The non-aligned corn harvester can adapt to various line spacings, does not need to manually open auxiliary cutting lanes, can enter the operation from any direction in the field, and has high work efficiency, which is very suitable for the operator to carry out cross-row harvesting.
2. Consider the supporting power
At present, the power of the supporting farm harvester is generally a two-cylinder tractor of 30 horsepower or more. Farmers must choose a model that matches their existing tractor power when selecting a corn harvester. The phenomenon of “small horse-drawn cart” or “large horse-drawn cart” should be avoided to achieve a reasonable match between the tractor and the harvester. It is generally recommended that the user purchase a small corn harvester with a matching power of 18-30 horsepower single-cylinder tractor. Small size, flexible operation, high efficiency and favorable price are the best choice for ordinary rural families.
3. Consider the issue of investment income
At present, China’s corn harvesters are mainly divided into three types: self-propelled, traction and piggyback. The self-propelled model is huge, the price is relatively expensive, and the investment recovery period is long; the traction type unit is 13-15 meters long, which is not suitable for small plots. Considering the factors such as the planting land, economic level and technical level of corn harvester in the vast rural areas of China, it is advisable to choose the piggyback. The knapsack corn harvester can use the existing tractors, the investment is relatively small, the operation efficiency is not low, the maneuverability and operability of the operation are very good, and it should be the current preferred model.

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