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The difference between galvanized coils and aluminized coils

With the growth of domestic steel, the application of galvanized coils and galvanized coils is becoming more and more widespread, but many people often have such problems when they use them, whether they use galvanized coils or galvanized coils. What? The materials are different, the performance is different, and the price is different. How can we choose the right material?

Galvanized coil: The surface of the hot sale prepainted galvanized steel coil is coated with a layer of metallic zinc, which is called a galvanized coil. It is to prevent the surface of the coil from being corroded and prolong its service life. Galvanized coil steel products are mainly used in construction, light industry, automotive, agriculture, animal husbandry, and fishery and commercial industries. The construction industry is mainly used to manufacture anti-corrosion industrial and civil building roof rolls, roof grills, etc.; the light industry uses it to manufacture home appliance casings, civil chimneys, kitchen utensils, etc., and the automotive industry is mainly used to manufacture corrosion-resistant parts for cars, etc. Agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery are mainly used for grain storage and transportation, frozen processing tools for meat and aquatic products, etc.; commercial is mainly used as storage, transportation, and packaging equipment for materials.

Aluminized coils: also known as aluminized coils, also known as high quality galvalume steel coating steel coil or hot-impregnated aluminum coils. The aluminized steel coil is a coil of aluminum-silicon alloy coating with an aluminum content of 90% and a silicon content of 10%. Aluminized steel coils have good heat resistance, heat reflectivity, and corrosion resistance, and their mechanical and physical properties are superior to those of cold rolled coils. Uses: Due to the superior performance of aluminum-plated steel coils, it has been widely used in our daily necessities. Such as car muffler, household appliances, etc.

Aluminized galvanized coil: The surface is characterized by a smooth, flat and gorgeous star flower with a base color of silver white. The special coating structure gives it excellent corrosion resistance. The normal service life of aluminum-zinc-rolled coils is up to 25a, and the heat resistance is very good. It can be used in a high-temperature environment of 315 °C; the adhesion between coating and paint film is good, and it has good processing performance and can be stamped, sheared, welded, etc. The surface conductivity is very good. Uses: Used in construction: roofs, walls, garages, soundproof walls, pipes, and modular houses.


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