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Farm used Machinery Factory Price Tractor Mounted Combine Peanut Harvester

When the user uses the peanut harvester, in order to make the preparation simple and easy to install, the toothed rod is made up to 6 according to the dimension. When installing, every other one, count down once. The machining claws are then fixed to the rack, and the arrangement of the claws on the circumference forms three spirals. If the claws are fixed after installation, be careful to keep the bending direction of the claws the same. During operation, if you hear an abnormal sound or find a fault, stop the machine and check it out in a timely manner. It is strictly forbidden to carry the machine with the machine. Peanut harvesters use a V-belt to transfer new belts. After a period of use, the tension will gradually elongate and slack. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically check whether the gap between the long process of each drive belt and each mating position is appropriate. And make adjustments in time. During the operation, always pay attention to whether the speed, sound and temperature of the machine are normal. After each type of removal or one day of work is completed, stop and check whether the bearings in the various locations of the peanut peeler are overheated, and the fastening screws and key pins of each part are loose. If looseness is found, tighten it at any time, especially at high speeds.
Farm used Machinery Factory Price Tractor Mounted Combine Peanut Harvester introduction:
The humanized design of peanut shelling machine expresses respect for labor, cherishes the labor results, reduces the burden, realizes the utilization of resources, and avoids unnecessary waste. Peanut machinery is some equipment to help farmers deal with peanuts. They can improve our production efficiency, improve the quality of peanuts, and obtain better benefits. Here are some precautions for using peanut machinery:
1. First check whether the fasteners are tightened, whether the rotating part is flexible, whether there is grease in each bearing, and whether the machine is placed on a stable ground.
2. To check the power supply voltage, the switch should be in the off position.
3. After the motor is started, the steering of the rotor should be consistent with the direction indicated on the machine.
Nowadays, the total amount of peanut shellers continues to increase, so the level of peanut shelling has been further improved. The scale of socialized services continues to expand. Although the mechanization level of peanut shellers has improved, many of them are used in economically developed areas and demonstration areas, and small peanut shellers are mostly used. Less, resisting peanut shelling machines, but high-performance peanut shelling machines.


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