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Preparation for Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester

In recent years, the emergence of corn harvesters has replaced traditional manual harvesting methods, thus reducing the labor intensity of farmers’ friends. The popularity of corn harvesters has also caused some problems, such as the inability to find good operators. In order to enable everyone to become a qualified and excellent corn harvester operating machine, experts from Aike Machinery Factory summarized the preparation work and operation precautions of the corn harvester before leaving the car. Not only the operational matters require a certain understanding of the Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester latest price.
First, the preparation of the corn harvester before leaving the car:
The harvester is technically maintained in strict accordance with the maintenance procedures. Maintaining the tractor before leaving the car can keep it in good working condition, with fewer failures, stable performance, reduced downtime, improved work efficiency, and longer machine life. In addition to the maintenance of the tractor in accordance with the instructions for use of the tractor, the following work is required:
1. Check the hydraulic oil level in the hydraulic tank and replenish it as required.
2. Clean the radiator frequently. Because the harvester works under harsh conditions, the dust is large, the grass clippings are many, the radiator is easily blocked, and the continuous working load is heavy, which is easy to cause the engine water tank to open. Therefore, the grass clippings and dust on the front cover of the water tank should be cleaned before exiting the vehicle. This work should also be carried out frequently during the harvesting interval.
3. Clean the air filter. Due to the above reasons, the air filter is also prone to failure and the filter screen is clogged. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions in the tractor’s instruction manual, replace the oil, and increase the number of cleaning according to the working conditions.
Second, the corn harvester operation notes:
1. It is strictly forbidden to eliminate the malfunction when the machine is running. It is strictly forbidden to engage the power file when troubleshooting
2. The unit should be disconnected from the power system during a long distance or during transportation.
3. The shift lever and power output gear shift handle should be placed in the neutral position before the tractor starts.


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