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Introduction of Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher parameters

The use of rice and wheat corn threshers not only improves the production efficiency of corn threshing but also brings more convenience to users. Aike is a professional manufacturer of rice and wheat corn thresher. Our thresher is suitable for agricultural household threshers and large farmers. It is easy to operate and has high production efficiency. Next, the Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher supplier will introduce the parameters of the products for everyone.
Corn thresher technical parameters:
Whether to provide processing customization: Yes
Product Type: Brand new
Suitable for: rice, wheat, peanuts, pasture, soybeans, chestnut, pepper, etc.
Field of application: Agriculture
Type: Thresher
Brand: Taian Aike Machinery Co., Ltd.
Model: 100
Cutting width: no cutting width
Total loss rate: 1 (%)
Weight: 70 (kg)
Manufacturer: Aike
Power type: electric
Power: 3 (kW)
Machine size: small
Degree of automation: semi-automatic
The rice and wheat corn thresher are designed with advanced structure and compact structure. The machine adopts axial flow drum threshing technology and adjustable air volume cleaning technology to clear and separate grain, gluten, gluten, and cereal grass. It has the advantages of separation, small loss, and high removal rate. A good helper.


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